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Our Expertise

Our services are designed to provide advice, work products, and help chart a course towards behavioral change in employee’s ability to effectively deal with emergency situations. To help groups or organizations devise disaster response plans, develop crisis protocols, and assist with preparedness training. We have experience in numerous sectors including, health care, public entities and education, real estate, hospitality and gaming industry, entertainment, and transportation. The goal is to help enhance capabilities to respond to emergencies and recover quickly.


Working together to achieve the goal of life safety, incident

stabilization, and property preservation: Meeting Best Practices and Standards


PTE Consulting provides wide-ranging expertise and services that address each phase of the emergency management cycle. Our practice is based on the current industry standards and best practices contained in FEMA, OSHA, CMS, CDC, NFPA 1600, Life Safety Code, ASIS, CPTED, DHS, and the requirements of federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

About PTE Consulting LLC Marshall S. Johnson  MLS, PEM, CHS, CPTED, CHS-III

Marshall S. Johnson


Marshall S. Johnson has nearly 40 years of experience in the public and private sectors.  He has extensive experience in emergency management, risk assessment, business continuity, training, and exercises.  Clients include all levels of government, health care facilities, security corporations, manufacturing firms, environmental companies, and educational institutions. He gained extensive experience working with Fortune 500 global companies, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and taught at five institutions of higher learning over a span of twenty years. 

During his career, Marshall spent nearly five years working with United States Department Justice (DOJ), on police consent decrees for fair and equitable law enforcement services to the community.

He has attained numerous specialized certificates and certifications and earned his Bachelor's Degree from Wayne State University and his Master's from Eastern Michigan.  Marshall retired from the Michigan Department of State Police after 25 years of dedicated service. Ten years working in risk management for a global insurance firm and a lifetime commitment to training others.   

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