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About PTE Consulting LLC Response Procedures For Long Term Care Facilities

Response Procedures for Long-Term Care/Assisted Living Facilities

PTE Consulting, LLC guides our customers on how to maintain business operations, during a public health outbreak, including meeting the newly required emergency preparedness regulations, risk assessment, and emergency planning.   We can also assist in developing specific policies and procedures that address response procedures and formalizing a crisis communication plan, and training all employees and facility management team members. 

We work with management to establish a state of readiness to respond to extreme events that could affect the facility.  Those threats that impact daily operations within the facility include weather, human, both external and internal mechanical failure, and of course public health outbreaks. Assessing the level of preparedness, organizational procedures, and answering the question. Are our personnel are prepared for emergencies?  PTE Consulting uses the CMS national standards for LTC facilities such as nursing homes in creating emergency operation plans (EOP), training and development, drills and exercises, continuity of operation plans (COOP), assessment tools, and crisis communication protocols. All meet guidance as recommended.  

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